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About the Artist


Hubert Buel in California, 1966.

Hubert Buel was born March 11, 1915 in Sacramento, California. He was the oldest of three children born to Katherine Monaghan Buel and Arthur Victor Buel. His father Arthur, was also an artist and illustrator. Hubert grew up in Sacramento & later lived and worked in San Francisco.

Hubert Buel began painting and drawing in High School. He attended Fresno State College and went on to graduate from UCLA where he majored in fine & commercial art. As a young man he worked as an animator for Walt Disney on "Fantasia" and as a set designer for film at 20th Century Fox studios. Subsequently he began working for the San Francisco Chronicle as a graphic artist, and eventually became art director. In addition he illustrated the syndicated weekly animal advice column, "The Wonderful World of Animals" from 1962 until his death in 1984.

Throughout his life, Hubert Buel's passion was painting landscapes in watercolor. He painted regularly in the Bay Area as well as traveling annually to paint at international locations. His body of work includes scenes from the American West Coast, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, Tahiti, England, France, Italy, Greece & Spain. 

During WWII, Buel served in the Navy in the Pacific Theater. During his service he found time to paint and produced works that poignantly capture the war era. 

After retirement, in addition to landscapes, Buel also attended a twice-weekly figure study workshop where he produced over 600 drawings of the human form.

Hubert Buel died in July 1984, leaving two daughters, Anne & Catherine and two granddaughters. 

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